Hassan Sajjad


My name is Hassan Sajjad. I am an NLP researcher, consultant and coach blended with entrepreneurial interests.

Currently, I am working as a research scientist in Arabic Language Technologies group at Qatar Computing Research Institute, Qatar.

Generally I am open to any interesting natural language processing problem :) As of year 2018, I am mainly focused on 1) developing methods for the interpretation and manipulation of neural models, 2) improving English-Arabic neural machine translation by building better models, explicit handling of unknown words and named entities, etc.

Following is a summary of my areas of interest:

  • Research Interests
    • Applied deep learning and machine learning, unsupervised and semi-supervised learning methods, interpretability and manipulation of neural models, multi-task learning
    • Natural language processing, statistical and neural machine translation, transliteration, domain adaptation, NLP for resource poor languages, and user-generated content processing and analysis
  • Application Interests
    • Building large scale practical systems, issues related to deployment of models, problem solving from the perspective of end user, machine translation competitions
  • Coaching Interests
    • Deep learning from scratch, explanation of models by developing intuition from real world examples, making understanding theory easy with animations, practical insight of deep learning models
  • Entrepreneurial Interests
    • Lean startup, technology transfer, business development, customer validation

Coming back to my bio, other than research work at QCRI I manage machine translation group at QCRI, lead deployment and commercialization efforts of QCRI’s machine translation technology, manage machine translation part of the European Project on media monitoring, SUMMA and the collaboration with MIT.

Before coming to QCRI, I graduated from University of Stuttgart in Fall 2012 under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Hinrich Schütze. There I closely worked with Alex Fraser, Helmut Schmid and Nadir Durrani. In my PhD, I worked on part-of-speech tagging, statistical machine translation, and unsupervised models for transliteration mining. I also worked at Microsoft Research as an intern where I worked on query expansion for natural language question generation. Before starting PhD, I did bachelors and masters in Computer Science from National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Pakistan. In my master thesis, I worked on Part of Speech tagging of Urdu language under the supervision of Dr. Sarmad Hussain.

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