Research Work

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I am an NLP researcher with an experience in applying machine learning and deep learning algorithms to problems in computational linguistics. In my research career, I have worked on several NLP problems with solutions involving unsupervised and supervised models , and deep neural network models. A few problem areas I have worked on are mentioned below:

  • Neural machine translation
  • Statistical machine translation
    • Word alignment
    • Unsupervised transliteration of unknown words
    • Domain adaptation
  • Machine translation evaluation
    • Using eye-tracking to improve human evaluation
  • Practical Machine Translation
  • Transliteration mining
    • Unsupervised and semi-supervised models
  • Part-of-speech tagging
    • Urdu part-of-speech tagset and statistical tagging
  • Morphologically rich language prcoessing
    • Arabic and Russian
    • Arabic unsupervised segmentation
  • Resource poor language processing
    • Dialectal Arabic processing and translation
    • Dialectal Arabic spelling normalization
    • Hindi-Urdu machine translation
    • Roman Urdu lexical normalization
  • Social media analysis
    • Supervised learning
    • Domain adaptation
    • Distant supervision
  • Informal text processing
    • Roman Urdu and Arabic dialects
  • Query refinement


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