I have several open PhD positions and research assistant positions. Please read the following before reaching out to me.

PhD positions

I have several open PhD positions. Deadline to apply is 5th October, 2022. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

  • Research Area - Deep learning, NLP, Responsible AI, Explainable AI
  • Qualification - Bachelor or Masters in CS or related discipline
  • Research Experience - at least one of the following
    • One or more research papers involving any of the above mentioned research area or the related areas
    • Internship or experience working in a research or technology lab

The undergraduate candidates with exceptional profiles have an option to directly join the PhD.

RA positions (for Dalhousie students only)

  • Research position
    • Research work - Deep learning, NLP and interpreting models
    • Duration - four to six months
  • Frontend/Backend developer
    • Design a webpage for the research group


  • Please have a meaningful subject of your email e.g. Inquiring about a PhD position
  • Share your updated CV and the latest transcript
  • write me at hsajjad with domain dal.ca
Hassan Sajjad
Associate Professor

My research interests include natural language processing, applied machine translation and deep learning